Vidizi Review: The Best Online Video Creation Software


What is Vidizi?

Vidizi SC 1

Vidizi (pronounced “vid-easy”) is an easy-to-use online video creation tool.

Using a drag-and-drop editor, it allows you to create professional quality videos for paid advertising material or for your social media accounts. No tech or professional editing skills are required.

The software is cloud-based, so you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. And it comes with pre-packaged, license-free audio and video built in to the Vidizi platform.

Vidizi SC 2All of the audio and video is unique and tailor-made for creating ads that perform well in a social media environment (you’ll learn exactly why later).

The videos are fully-customizable with text and color overlays, and you can upload your own audio and videos as well. At the time of this writing, no other platform I’ve found offers this.

In a nutshell, Vidizi is a tool for creating effective social media ads quickly, easily, and most importantly, cost-effectively.

Why was Vidizi created?

Like many applications, Vidizi is the product of necessity and practicality. It was invented by Jimmy Kim, a prolific online marketing consultant and CEO of Snaptactix, a company that creates software solutions for online marketers.

About 8 months ago, Jimmy saw a pop-up from Facebook suggesting that video ads are most effective at 15 seconds or less in length. So Jimmy tested it. And, quite frankly, he got some very enviable results.

He spent $2,600 on video ads for an ecommerce product he was selling and made over $52,000 in sales. That exact campaign is shown below:

Vidizi Facebook Campaign New

Jimmy recognized the immense value in this type of ad, but his current video creation method was slow and cumbersome. (He was hiring a videographer to shoot his videos and his team to edit and process each one.)

He realized he needed to create a tool that would allow his team to churn out high quality marketing videos quickly and easily. So they got to work developing Vidizi.

How does Vidizi work?

In the image below, you will see the main interface of the Vidizi platform. From here, you can see past videos you’ve created, as well as start a new project or receive help if you get stuck.

Vidizi demo 1

Let’s run through the creation of a new video. First, you will notice that you can upload a ready-made video from YouTube. This is handy if you find a YouTube video that fits your message.

You can also select from 100 pre-made, marketing-ready videos that come with the Vidizi platform. I appreciated the attention to quality the Vidizi team put into these. With 100 videos, they could have easily made them less professional and portrayed the same value.

You can also upload a video from your computer. This means you’re free to use material you already have OR you can take advantage of the work the Vidizi team has already done and use theirs, license-free.

Vidizi demo 2

Vidizi is built to leverage Facebook’s 15-second rule for creating effective, high-converting advertising videos.

This is why Vidizi is loaded with tons of 15-second, high definition videos that are perfect for creating these types of ads. (Jimmy personally used these types of videos to get an insane 1,938% ROI.)

Vidizi demo 3

Vidizi‘s crown jewel is its drag-and-drop editor. It makes creating expert quality marketing videos dead simple. Here’s the interface:

Vidizi demo 4

Vidizi’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop video editor allows you to:

  • Add text overlays to convey your message and, most importantly, your call to action in an easy to read format.
  • Change the text’s position, alignment, color, font, and highlight. Highlighting is extremely powerful for making your text stand out in a busy Facebook and social media environment.
  • Text transitions to give your video a nice, elegant flow.
  • Choose music from different genres to convey different feelings within your audience or add your own (which is something no other platform I have found allows).
  • Replace the footage if you would like to go another route.
  • Preview the video so you can see what it would look like live.
  • Save your project
  • And more

Any experienced video editor will tell you one of their BIGGEST complaints is processing and rendering a video once it has been created. This process can take hours, and if your computer isn’t powerful enough, it sometimes doesn’t work at all.

One of the things I love most about the Vidizi platform is that it’s 100% cloud-based. The processing and rendering happens on the back of their platform in usually under 10 minutes, while you sit back and relax.

Vidizi demo 5

After processing, you can download the video directly to your computer with the option to use it as either an HD video OR a GIF, completely up to you. And you’re left with a beautiful video for your marketing campaigns:

Vidizi demo 8

It doesn’t get any easier to churn out loads of marketing videos that are optimized for social media.

Here’s the process I go through:

I like to create at least three videos per campaign, all with different background videos, text coloration, audio, and slightly different CTAs (Call To Actions). Then split test them for a week.

Then I take the highest performing ad, create slight variations of it, and split test the original and the variations for another week. By the end of the week, I’ve got a winning ad I can run until it’s time to create another.

And due to Vidizi’s scalability, I can create these not only for myself but for my clients as well.

Vidizi Demo Video

Get an inside look at how Vidizi works from Jimmy Kim, its creator:

Why are these videos such effective marketing assets?

The astounding effectiveness of these 15-second marketing videos all comes down to one thing:

We’re living in a mobile-first world.

If you can’t sell on mobile, you’re in trouble — if not now, then certainly in the future.

You’re simply missing out on WAY too many sales your competitors could end up picking up. The transition from desktop usage to mobile (for research, content consumption, and most importantly, making purchases) cannot be ignored by business owners.

Facebook has even proven, through multiple studies, that 15 seconds or less is the optimal length for mobile video:

Vidizi demo 7

Facebook knows what their audience reacts well to. If you make your video 15 seconds or less, Facebook will even help you out by organically pushing your video out faster and further to more people. This is what Vidizi is perfectly optimized for.

Not only that, it’s optimized to help you create these videos as quickly, simply, and as effectively as possible with no technological skills required. Anyone can do it.

Vidizi Pricing & Packaging Options

Vidizi comes in two different packages and price points that I think are quite affordable compared to what you would pay elsewhere.

And, frankly, because you get lifetime access, they are a steal for this type of software.

Vidizi Pricing

The Personal License ($47) gets you:

  • Instant access to Vidizi and its full range of features
  • Ability to create up to 60 marketing-ready videos per month
  • A whopping 100 bonus video templates, to help get you started
  • A 14-day money back guarantee
  • Lifetime access to the platform

The Commercial License ($67) gets you:

  • Everything in the Personal License
  • Ability to create unlimited videofor your personal use
  • Ability to create unlimited videos for clients or to sell to other people
  • Lifetime access to the platform

Please note: This lifetime access price is only available during Vidizi’s launch period. See below.

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