What Are The Best Side Hustles For 2019?

What Are The Best Side Hustles For 2019

This is a Guest Post From Erick

Here are 11 Side Hustles to Help Increase Your Income In 2019 & Beyond 😉

There are thousands of ways you can make money in the world. I’ve listed 11 below that you could start doing in your life to earn some extra cash.

  1. Referee Sporting Events
  2. Help with Yard Work
  3. Start a Blog
  4. Help Others with their Businesses
  5. Rent Out Your Spare Things
  6. Sell Your Stuff
  7. Start a Business
  8. Write Articles for Blogs
  9. Help Move People Out of their House
  10. Invest in Income Producing Assets
  11. Deliver Things in Your Car or Bike

Referee Sporting Events

When I was in high school, I refereed elementary school basketball each weekend during the winter. For an hour of work, I got paid $15 a game, and got some exercise as well. If you love sports, this could be an easy money maker for you – a few hours a week in exchange for some exercise and community.

Help With Yard Work

Many people don’t like doing yard work (especially when it’s just snowed 10 inches and they don’t want to go outside!) Getting outside and shoveling, or mowing people’s lawns can earn a decent amount of money for a few hours of work.

When I was younger, I mowed 3 yards a week and was paid $20 for each lawn. For $60, I worked about 3 hours a week. Again, I was able to get some exercise and help out in the community. If you can handle some extreme conditions, mowing, raking leaves, or shoveling could be for you.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog for me was a fantastic decision. Yes, my return on time and return on investment could be much better, but after blogging for several months, i managed to make over $700 per month. In the coming years, this number should increase quite a bit.

In addition to the income potential, there are so many great bloggers – and everyone is incredibly nice. If you have any entrepreneurial drive, and want to scratch the entrepreneurial itch, I’d recommend trying out a blog. At the very least, you’ll improve your writing and the thoughts you have about user experience on a website and how to set up and build an email list, etc. will only help you going forward with your future entrepreneurial endeavors.

Help Others with Their Businesses

Are you good with Excel or have a knack for social media? Business owners are paying top dollar for virtual assistants, marketers, and other helpers to grow their business. I’ve employed a few people over the past 12 months that have helped with advertising, writing, and some product development.

These people have pushed my business higher, and without them, I would have had to spend hours and hours learning and trying to become an expert in something. Offering your skills for a certain hourly percentage could bring in some serious cash. If you want to work online, I’d recommend looking at Upwork.

Rent Out Your Spare Things

In the past 28 months, I’ve made over $39,000 in rental income from my roommates. In July 2015, I bought a house and had 2 spare bedrooms. Each of these rooms I rented out for $600+, and as I mentioned, made over $39,000. This is crazy!

House hacking, the act of renting out your spare rooms to monthly renters, or to people using a service such as AirBnb, can be a great income generator. If you aren’t using those rooms, why can’t someone else use them and pay you for it!

There are also ways to rent out your car and other things and appliances. I like all of these rental options since it is generally passive income once set up!

Sell Your Stuff

Over the years, people tend to accumulate stuff – I know I have. This stuff sometimes will end up sitting on a shelf in your basement or closet for years, and will not be used. Why do we hold on to these things? Selling this stuff will free up space, and will put cash in your pocket.

Don’t have stuff to sell? Buying underpriced things at garage and estate sales and flipping them on eBay has proven profitable in the past.

Start a Business

I have an entrepreneurial mindset, and I finally acted on my thoughts and ambitions back in May. In the past 7 months, I’ve learned so much, and finally am reaping some of the benefits of my hard work.

One of the income streams I’ve worked on for my business is a print on demand t-shirt dropshipping website. It’s not amazing income by any means, but we have now generated nearly $2,500 in sales and it’s completely passive at this point.

Coming up with something simple to sell isn’t that hard when you fully immerse yourself in the product development and brainstorming process. Satisfy the needs of others and you’ll be able to make some money.

Write Articles for Blogs

Do you enjoy writing and want to make a career out of it? Is there a specific niche you really enjoy writing about? Writing articles for blogs could be a decent income generator after you’ve established a solid portfolio. Businesses and bloggers will pay you a fair amount for your time, typically in the $25-50 per hour range. This can increase as you gain more and more experience.

I really enjoy writing, but also the technical and business aspects of running a blog. If you don’t want to have any of the stresses of blogging, freelance writing could be a great way to boost your income.

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Help Move People Out of their Homes

If you are physically up for it, moving people out of their homes is a great way to pick up some extra cash. It’s definitely hard work – in college, I had a few gigs with my friend moving people, but it paid quite well – we charged $15 an hour, but after tip, it was closer to $25 an hour!

Invest in Income Producing Assets

Investing in income producing assets should help boost your income. DIY minded people who are handy can buy real estate in a nice location, fix up whatever is necessary, and rent the property for a monthly income. Real estate is just one of the many income producing assets a person can get involved in – and the hours associated with this side hustle is typically quite low.

Deliver Things in Your Car or Bike

Driving for Uber or Lyft, or making deliveries of food on the way home or on the way to your destination are all effective ways to multitask and earn some money. There are many people who will have a long car ride and pull up one of the ride sharing apps above and let someone else pay for some of the ride. It’s a win-win, you get some money and they get where they want to go!

There are many ways to make money in this world. Go out and take action!

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