What is a Bridge Loan? Get to Know More

What is a Bridge Loan

Individuals and companies who apply for loans, financial grants, or are waiting for some financial help may have to wait for a while before it gets processed. But what happens if the financial need is urgent? Although most individuals may wait, a business may be jeopardized in such a case. Luckily, bridge loans come in to seal such a risky loophole. For those who are still wondering what a bridge loan is, allow me to explain.

It is a loan that is given to both companies and individuals, primarily in real estate, to sort out pressing financial needs before they can secure a permanent solution like a home mortgage. The loan is usually short-term.

Accessing a Bridge Loan

This loan is crucial in real estate as it provides a cash flow on the spot. People who are waiting for the processing of their mortgage may be in need of money to book their dream home. Thus, they may need to apply for this loan. Any lender can process it, but it is advisable to use the same lender as the one who is processing the mortgage. Everything will be easier and faster. Once it is approved, the money is credited to your account immediately to make the down payment.

Common Types of Bridge Loans

There are only two main types. The lenders may advise on the type they prefer depending on their risk-taking policies.

  • Open bridge loans – At the point of application, both parties cannot confirm the duration it will take to complete the loan repayment. Most lenders consider it a more risky option and they will dig deep into your credit score. If you visit the boostcredit101.com, you will get the best advice on how to secure a high credit score to get an open bridge loan.
  • Closed bridge loan – Lenders prefer to give people and businesses in real estate this type of loan. It has a determined repayment period, which is like an assurance.

Benefits of Bridge Loans

This is one of the most beneficial loans available primarily because it comes when there is an urgent financial need. If it is successful, it is quite a relief for anyone who is aspiring to own a home or a company that wants to buy a property as they wait for a larger sum of money to complete the payment.

Bridge loans are very common today as confirmed by numerous reports. Although it can be strenuous to repay a closed bridge loan, it will have helped in securing a property that one would have otherwise lost.


Bridge loans have downsides on the other hand. One of them is that they can draw a higher interest rate than the mortgage itself. In fact, some people shy away from the application once they see the interest rate. Another drawback is that you will have to service two loans, those being the bridge loan and the mortgage. If you are not organized well financially, this could pose a financial strain. However, those who weigh all of these options end up getting the best solutions.

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