Why you should use Linux


    Hi: guys i have been away for a while i have been working on a project but now am back and throughout the project i learn the advantages of Linux Os and it completely blew me off am now a Linux user.
    LINUX is free and i mean free no cent at all


    Linux is open source meaning you can contribute to the software if you are a coder.


    Linux is a very powerful tool when it comes to networking and Hacking.


    Linux loves developers its comes with some languages by default this ensures that you continue with your programming.


    Linux updates are frequent and they are not charged for


    Speed Linux is as fast as lightning bolt in terms of running programs and services.


    Linux utilizes very small Memory to bring excellent performance with Linux you can use 256RAM and get the better performance than windowsand space of only 5GB to install linux on you machine.

isnt this awesome visit these links to download them.
and http://www.ubuntu.com for your favorite Flavors

Thanks see you soon.


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  1. What an awesome reminder there…i have been using linux too for quite some time now and i can gladly support your points.
    In addition, i like linux because i can run it live whenever i want even on a usb stick…also i use linux most of the time to fix my gadgets i.e formating etc.
    Regards for the post anyway.


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